Dr. Helen Davies & Dr. Bronwin Patrickson
University of South Wales


Dr Helen Davies 

Helen has over 10 years’ experience working on collaborative projects between industry and academia. The focus of her research has been media engagement by young audiences from a sociolinguistic and cultural perspective.

She has a PhD from Aberystwyth University in Film and Television Studies. She currently holds the position of Research Fellow in Audience Research at the University of South Wales on the Audience of the Future project in collaboration with the Fictioneers. 

Dr Bronwin Patrickson 

Bronwin is a digital design researcher with interests in social, humanist interaction design, in collaboration with the environmental humanities.   

Working as a post-doctoral Impact and Evaluation Research Fellow at the University of South Wales, U.K. she is exploring the emergence of hybrid, immersive, playful ecologies. 

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