Bristol City Council

Bristol City Council uses its resources and powers to try to create a truly inclusive and connected city in which no-one is left behind.

We are one of the first cities to embrace the Mayoral system and to achieve our aims we are equally innovative in how we provide services and make money. For example we’re one of the first places to start our own energy company. People can buy their gas and electricity from it at a fair rate, knowing the profit is put directly back into the community. We’ve also started our own waste company and are on the verge of launching a whole new form of city partnership, the City Office. This will bring together all kinds of local partners to tackle the biggest issues facing the city and its citizens.

Increasingly we work in these partnerships or enable others to get things done. This helps get things going and saves the council
doing things by itself, giving more people ownership of projects, initiatives and the city’s work.

We still provide hundreds of day to day services, from being a landlord to cleaning the streets to huge projects worth hundreds of millions of pounds. It isn’t just what we do, but how we do it. Whether it is pioneering super-fast internet technologies on our streets, being one of the first to pay employees a Living Wage or enabling some of the best cultural events in the country, we are prepared to try new things, take managed risks and challenge others to join us in doing so.

From plans which take us decades into the future to the daily services relied on by thousands of citizens, we’re committed to building a better Bristol which includes everyone in the city’s success